Our mission is to create sustainable social change by elevating the discourse on race and empowering individuals to access their authentic capacities to transform cross-racial relationships.


We envision a society in which 

  an awareness of the oneness of the human race guides all interactions

  people call upon spiritual principles and virtues to overcome racial separation and build authentic relationships

  every individual has the freedom, opportunity, and support necessary to thrive

  relationships among people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, colors, and cultures are characterized by authenticity and nobility

  our institutions are built on attributes and principles common to all human beings – mutual trust and trustworthiness, justice, compassion, honesty, and love. 

  diversity in all its expressions is recognized as a source of strength

  unity of purpose and commitment to compassion and justice characterize every aspect of our lives

  we all see ourselves reflected in the policies of the institutions that serve us

  all institutions are committed to promoting diversity and are characterized by justice and integrity

  we remember where we were headed and speak with pride about how we came together, worked together in great numbers to bring about a different outcome

  a widespread network of racial healers is playing a pivotal role in creating these conditions through education and modeling healthy behaviors. 

We believe that this is possible because we’re confident that every one of us is noble by design, that it is our destiny to realize our oneness, and that we have the capacity to transform ourselves and our society.


Our Understanding of the Challenge

Diversity is one of America’s greatest strengths and a crucial element of our social evolution. But before this country can achieve health and prosperity, before it can claim a leadership role in building a peaceful world, its citizens need to heal individually and collectively from the toxic effects of racial brainwashing and centuries of inequality and painful relationships. Systemic racism has crippled our communities. Intentional racial conditioning, which frequently lives in the unconscious part of our minds, has created a historical pattern of dominant/subordinate relationships between groups of the human family, which has left us injured and wary. Racial conditioning dictates how we relate to one another and robs us of the freedom to make choices based on our inherent nobility. Our institutions cannot function authentically until the individuals who comprise them are freeing themselves of prejudice and healing from the traumatic impact of racism. This healing and freedom is possible only when we acknowledge that each group has a distinct yet complementary role to play and it can be attained only through intentional efforts , the courage to make mistakes, and the creation of intimate friendships with people of diverse backgrounds.

Our Contribution to the Solution

We offer a new model for racial healing rooted in the belief that freedom from racial conditioning is both possible and inevitable. Our model is built on the foundational principles of the oneness and interconnectedness of the human family and the need for justice at all levels of society. It requires tapping our deeper, authentic selves, which creates the space for honest dialogue that preserves the dignity of all parties and transcends ego-based self-interest. Such dialogue can lead to answers, solutions and actions that are generated from our "higher" or more noble selves. Our model is founded on a commitment to personal and spiritual transformation as a prerequisite for racial healing and institutional change. It is sustained by a “learning mode” that calls for ongoing action, reflection and evaluation. We have struggled to implement this model in our own relationship, doing the work necessary to build mutual trust. We offer ourselves as case studies, sharing openly the stereotypes, fears, and attitudes about race that we have absorbed from our society. And we offer our personal relationship as an example, demonstrating for participants the type of honesty, healing, and learning that can take place in a trusting interracial friendship.