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The Race Story Rewrite Project


The Race Story ReWrite Project facilitates capacity building for individuals and organizations committed to eliminating racial prejudice and creating a racially just and unified society.


Race Story ReWrite Facilitators, Inc. is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Georgia and operating under the fiscal sponsorship of the Social Good Fund.



Our nation is fighting for its survival, engaged in daily battle with the corrosive and unrelenting forces of bigotry, oppression, and racial violence. Racism continues to ravage our communities and destroy lives. Prejudice and bias disrupt our ability to form the trusting relationships necessary for collaboration. Hopelessness threatens to paralyze our collective will. Everywhere we look, we see the urgent need to create effective, sustainable models of racial justice, unity, and healing.

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We work with individuals and organizations who are building those models. We guide them through the Race Story ReWrite process, a tool for understanding and transforming the story we’re telling ourselves about race in this country – not to misrepresent the past or ignore the present challenges, but to change the direction our current story is heading. ReWriting our race story is the process of replacing conditioned assumptions, emotions, beliefs, and reactions with intentional, authentic, unifying responses in cross-racial relationships.

We call on our innate spiritual capacities – our essential human virtues –  to guide us in this process.


The goal of the Race Story ReWrite Project is to support people of all colors and cultures in embracing their oneness, freeing themselves from prejudice, and working together to co-author a future that is worthy of our nobility as a human family.