how you can help us rewrite america's race story

how you can help us rewrite america's race story

A message from our president:


In the eight years that Tod, Gene, and I been working together, we’ve seen our team grow, our model evolve, and our commitment to this work intensify. Our current project, which is by far the most comprehensive initiative we’ve undertaken, is a logical outgrowth of our past efforts; we believe it has the potential to generate profound and sustainable change in how communities deal with issues of race and how they go about creating a racially just and unified society. We feel honored that we’ve been given this opportunity to work for the elimination of racial prejudice. Please walk this path with us. We need a reliable, steady flow of incoming funds to do the job that’s been set before us. We’re willing to expend our energy, our time, and all the skills and experience we’ve acquired over the years to move this process of unity-building forward. But we will not be able to accomplish our goals without your help.

I’d like to personally thank every one of you who has supported us financially, emotionally, and spiritually in the past and express my gratitude for your ongoing friendship.    Phyllis

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As a nonprofit organization, The Race Story ReWrite Project depends on public funding to pursue our mission. Your support enables us to continue developing our workshops; to bring them to the people that are working for racial justice, unity, and healing in their communities and neighborhoods; and to benefit from the expertise and passion of a highly skilled staff.

Thanks to the generous gifts of people like you, we are able to offer our unique ReWrite process to a growing number of groups across the country. .

ways you can donate:


* Please make your check payable to "Social Good Fund" 

* write "Race Story Rewrite Project" in the memo field

* mail to:

Race Story Rewrite Project

1227 Rockbridge Rd.

Suite 208-158

Stone Mountain GA 30087


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