Race Story ReWrite Core Concepts
America’s Collective Race Story


America’s race story emerged from a materialistic mindset in which

power, status, and self-interest were highly valued. The result was

the evolution of dominate/subordinate relationships that led to an

otherness mentality and entrenched feelings of superiority and

inferiority. These patterns became an integral part of American

culture, supported by laws, policies, and practices, both formal and

informal. It is within this framework that the collective race story

evolved and the Black/White relationship became defined – a relationship that in spite of individual exceptions is characterized by fear, suspicion, distrust, weariness, frustration, pain, and anger.


Organizational Race Stories


Every community, organization and business has its own collective race story, based on its unique history and the attitudes of its individual members. This narrative becomes encoded into the group culture and influences how people relate to each other in cross-racial situations.


Personal Race Stories


We all have direct or indirect experiences involving race. Based on our racial conditioning – the threads of America’s collective race story that we’ve internalized – we develop a belief system that causes us to interpret those experiences in a particular way. In other words, we have “a story” in our heads, whether conscious or unconscious, that determines the meaning we give to a racial experience. The story we tell ourselves generates emotion, which influences how we act or react.


What does it mean to reWrite our race story?

ReWriting our race story is the process of drawing on our higher – or spiritual – capacities to mindfully replace conditioned assumptions, emotions, and reactions with intentional, authentic, unifying responses in cross-racial relationships. As we practice this process, the story we tell ourselves changes; we learn to act and react in ways that foster the most mutually beneficial outcomes while maintaining our dignity, integrity, and our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Rewriting our personal race story is an expression of moral empowerment and the first step in creating a racially just society.

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A Race Story ReWrite Workshop offers a unique, interactive experience in a safe, brave space where participants can share their experience, practice new ways of interacting cross-racially, and create a plan for sustainable change in their organizations or personal lives.